Advertise on is a B2B and B2C business directory that was created in 2012 with a young demographic in mind; late teens to millennials. is a simple-to-use responsive design website (responsive technology: resizes itself to fit all screens) that gives our user base access to over 450,000 businesses across Egypt inclusive of ratings, reviews and get-to-directions.

Dalili's virtually ad-free approach appeals to many mobile handset users who are looking for fast-loading results, minimal 3 and 4G download weight and a no-frills GUI.

Today Dalili receives over 500,000 visits per month by users connecting with sellers all over Egypt.

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Why Dalili?

  • Targeted Audience – educated late teens to millennials with purchasing power, who are proficient and engaging internet users.
  • Renders optimally on all devices – Dalili is responsive so it delivers your business profile on any device screen.
  • Cost Efficient Advertising – Dalili can bring sales leads to your door everyday for far less per lead that traditional medias.

Advertising Opportunities

Dalili offers advertising opportunities that brings you new customers while keeping your business visible to potentially repeat customers.

Responsive Design
    Dalili is built with mobile
    in mind first as mobile
    traffic exceeds desktop.
    Keywords help
    buyers find
    you easily
Priority Placement
    Stack your company above
    those of your competitors
    with priority placement – See details below.
  • when the keyword (s) or category (s) you invest in is searched, your business will appear on page 1 of our search results every time GUARANTEED.

  • page 1 results: limited to a maximum of 8 companies per keyword / category.

  • rate 9,900 EGP per year.

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