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With over 400 million active accounts sharing over 80 million photos a day, Instagram has become one of the largest social media platforms worldwide.

In Egypt, there are 1.4 million users above the age of 18 and growing. We can enable your business to reach them through Instagram's new advertising solutions.

Note: Recently, Instagram added a call-to-action button, making it easier for customers to download your app, visit your website, shop for your products and much more…

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Types of Ads:

Photo Ads

Showcase your products and services with creative images.

Video Ads

Display your business in a short but attractive video for your customers.

Carousel Ads

We present several photos that users can swipe through for more information.

Download App Ads

Encourages and promotes your mobile app(s).

The power of Instagram is in the photo, which means that the more the photo is attractive and creative, the more your fans interact with you.

So allow us to handle your Instagram campaigns and have your customers say, "This is one of my favorite brands".

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