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"Appear on all 10 of these websites with PPV ads"

PPV ads

What are PPV ads?

  • PPV ads are tagged to common keywords that are generally repeated often in news articles on the websites above.
  • The keywords appear as links and generate a display ad when
    moused over or clicked

PPV: 3 Keywords *
Duration: 3 months
GUARANTEED Views: 250,000

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Recommended Ads+PPV Ads Package

What are Recommended ads?

  • This kind of native ad, shows as recommended content to users.
  • It's less likely to be ignored and can grab the attention of users easily because you reach your segmentation target.


50,000 Guaranteed Views
3 Keywords
2 Months Live Campaign

recommended Ads

1,500,000 Impressions
7,500 Clicks
2 Months Live Campaign

* Some keywords restricted
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