1. This agreement, signed by the company proprietor, a director, manager, or other employee who claims to have the authority to do so on behalf of the advertiser, constitutes a legally binding agreement between Egypt Yellow Pages Ltd. (Hereinafter named THE PUBLISHER) and the client named on this agreement, (hereinafter named THE ADVERTISER).

2. This is an agreement between the PUBLISHER and the ADVERTISER to launch a campaign and/or listing enhancement on any of the PUBLISHER’S owned properties and/or platforms, as well as on those of Google, including GMB (Google My Business), Youm7 and Facebook and other partner platforms.

3. If the advertisement is not approved by THE ADVERTISER within 15 days; the time frame specified by THE PUBLISHER, then THE PUBLISHER will be within its rights to release the advertisement as presented which will then constitute the legal completion of his part of this agreement.

4. The Publisher reserves the right to correct AD spelling and grammar errors on our online platforms and/or those of our partner platforms including artwork the advertiser may have supplied and / or signed as final for publication.

5. THE ADVERTISER is responsible for supplying all copy material including layouts , photographs, display ads and any other material necessary for ad layout within the timeframe specified by THE PUBLISHER.

6. THE ADVERTISER is solely responsible for notifying THE PUBLISHER in writing, by registered mail or e-mail which can strictly be sent to [email protected], of any cancellations or changes to advertisement(s) however minor, which may be required after the copy has been approved, while THE PUBLISHER will endeavor to incorporate such changes, they cannot guarantee to do so if the deadline has passed or the publication/platform containing the advertisement had already been passed on to partners (Google / Facebook or other partners), or it is not practical for any other reason. In this case, THE PUBLISHER is not responsible for publishing the requested changes, nor removing one or all of the ads within the agreement(s).

7. Once THE ADVERTISER approves the agreement, the artwork and on release of the publication, including Internet or mobile applications, including artwork/text for Google and/or Facebook or any other partner platform this agreement becomes binding wherein. THE ADVERTISER is responsible to pay the entire agreement value as per the agreement.

8. THE PUBLISHER has the full right to cancel this agreement if it is contrary to the social or political norms without warning.

9. The PUBLISHER is not responsible for any telephone / prefix/ area code changes made at anytime by landline (Telecom Egypt / WE) or mobile line operators.

10. Full refunds are available within 30 days of signing the agreement providing any campaign (s) are not yet live, otherwise proportionate penalties would apply and a 10% penalty is applied to the agreement for every month cancelled after 30 days of the signature of the agreement, in addition to any expenses incurred by the Publisher.

11. All Google and / or Facebook investments and payments to these two companies that the PUBLISHER pays on the ADVERTISER’S behalf are made monthly and in USD, and therefor are subject to monthly currency fluctuations. For Google and/or Facebook ADVERTISER campaigns to run or to stay live, ADVERTISER payments must be up-to-date, and when ADVERTISER payments are not up-to-date, THE PUBLISHER is within its right to stop and/or pause the ADVERTISER’S campaign(s). The PUBLISHER, in accordance with Google and Facebook, charges the ADVERTISER a management fee to create, launch and continually optimize all ADVERTISER campaigns . The PUBLISHER management fee is also used to cover all salaries/commissions and other costs incurred in managing Google and / or Facebook campaigns.

12. The PUBLISHER cannot guarantee the ADVERTISER'S rank on any of its owned platforms, nor those of Google and Facebook.

13. This agreement authorizes the PUBLISHER to manage the ADVERTISER'S presences on GMB (Google My Business) on the Google Search Network and Google Maps.


Should THE PUBLISHER and THE ADVERTISER be in any dispute on any part of this agreement, final settlement shall be governed by the laws and the courts of Egypt in the city of Cairo.


Should there be an error or omission in part or in whole of the advertisement , or an incorrect placing of the advertisement, THE PUBLISHER’s discretionary sole liability in law shall be limited to a part or to the entire value of the advertisement space as specified overleaf and THE PUBLISHER will not be responsible for any other damages or loss which may be caused to THE ADVERTISER as a result of the above.